Most overrated sitcoms of the last 25 years

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I watch a lot of television, way too much probably. So over the years I have developed a lot of feelings about some shows, both good and bad. For a while now, I have been wanting to put together a list of my most overrated sitcoms, and after recently watching one of the shows below I got my inspiration.

Just so you know, my definition of overrated is not necessarily that the show is bad, just that it is considered to be way better than it actually is. Some of the sitcoms I mentioned here I actually like to watch, but I still can't ever shake the thought of "how is this show as popular as it is?"

You may not agree with all my opinions on these shows, but once you finish reading my reasoning, you will realize that you were wrong.

#1 - The Big Bang Theory


By far, the most overrated show currently on television. Even the commercials where they are supposed to show one of the funniest jokes from the show are difficult to watch. Example, this awesome banter:

Sheldon: Well, I've just never played Dungeons & Dragons with girls before.
Penny: Oh, don't worry, sweetie. No one has.

Such clever writing.

There is little doubt that the reason this show is so popular is that everything that happens is expected. There is simple one-liners, catchphrases (See: the very annoying "Bazinga"), a pretty girl, and predictable dialogue. The masses eat that up. The fact that Jim Parsons was nominated, let alone actually won, for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the Emmys, makes the award less important. He will never, and could never, hold a candle to actors like Steve Carell (Michael Scott on the The Office) and Alec Baldwin (Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock), both of whom he won the award over. Just sad.

#2 - Friends


Friends has long been mentioned among the overrated shows, and with very good reason: it was only an alright show. It had its great moments, but it also had a lot of really stupid moments. What makes this show overrated is that many consider the show to be the best sitcom ever. EVER! That is the funniest joke the show ever produced.

Many remember Friends because it produced so many stars. But did it really? Yes, Jennifer Aniston is a movie superstar, but she is more known for her personal life. Other than that, who? Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and Courtney Cox show up in failed follow-up sitcoms, but bless their hearts, they keep trying. I believe David Shwimmer just went into hiding.

Whenever the show comes on in syndication, I can't turn it off fast enough.

#3 - Full House


This is, without question, the most difficult show to include on this list, but I have to. When I was young, this was my favorite show. If I was not in front of the TV when Kimmy Gibbler showed up for the first time, I failed. When the show ended, I left it with nothing but good thoughts.

Then I watched it again a couple years ago.

It was brutally bad. Jokes were not funny, all the characters were kind of annoying, and the dialogue was just terrible. It was one of the most disappointing moments of my life. I now remember the show for how bad it actually was, instead of how I remembered it as a kid.

(Side note: Do not watch shows or movies you enjoyed as a kid — the chance for disappointment is too high.)

#4 - New Girl


This is the newest show on this list, but it is well-deserved. Way too many people are talking about this show being the best and funniest show on television. It's that type of talk that makes New Girl overrated.

I actually like the show. I laugh. But its only in season two, and it is already starting to jump the shark. When it started, all the characters had their little quirks. Jess was a hipster-weirdo, Schmidt was "that guy", and Nick was a lazy slob. Clearly the writers decided to change them from those types of characters to those types of character pumped full of steroids. They all just play caricatures of themselves now. It can be tough to watch now without rolling your eyes. Winston is the show's redeeming quality, as he has actually gotten better with time.

Also, if I were friends with these people, I would watch out. When Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) moved out of the apartment after the pilot episode, they all basically stopped being friends with him. Maybe one mention, no visits, no invites to parties. Nothing. Don't worry about Coach though, he found some new friends.

#5 - Family Guy


I am a Family Guy fan. It was on my television during my college years basically every day. That being said, it has reached a strange point now. As it continues to be incredibly popular, the quality is going down. It still has funny moments, but it seems as if the writers are trying too hard to maintain the show's "brand". When it was in its hay day, Family Guy was smart with plenty of low-brow humor. Now, its still has all the low-brow humor, but the characters are now a little too over-the-top.

Of course, I still enjoy the show a lot. It just not as good as it once was, but somehow continues to increase in popularity.

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