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After a long but highly-anticipated wait, "Arrested Development" returned today for its fourth (and final?) season! It was available this morning at 3:01 a.m. ET/12:01 a.m. PT through Netflix, but if you're anything like me, you were already in bed, possibly dreaming about Ryan Gosling. However! I will likely be holed up inside for the rest of my weekend so I can watch the season (15 episodes!) before I see too many spoilers on the internet. (And you KNOW there will be.)

In honor of the show's return, here are some of my favorite ongoing jokes in the first three seasons of "Arrested Development":


Chicken Dance

If there's one thing the Bluth family can't do — aside from, you know, everything — it's imitate a chicken. Seriously, these people have no idea what a chicken looks like, how it sounds, or how it behaves. Michael has it right when he says, "Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?"

Charlie Brown moments

This show has made it so that every time something mildly sad happens, the Charlie Brown sad song plays in my head and it's hard for me not to walk this way. And yet, I wouldn't want my brain to work any other way. (It's possible I watch too much television?)


Random recurring characters

Whether it's Bob Loblaw, Barry Zuckerman, Steve Holt, or Gene Parmesan, there's likely one totally weird recurring character that you love. I'm partial to Gene Parmesan. Not only did Martin Mull play Principal Kraft on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," but I love Lucille's reactions whenever Gene stumps her with another disguise.


Gob and his expensive suits

Will Arnett is hilarious as try-hard Gob (also known as G.O.B.). While I do enjoy his failed magic attempts, I really enjoy watching him yell at other people and bragging about his expensive suits. I also love Gob and his segway, which I think is his longest relationship to date.


Buster loves juice

What is it about juice that makes Buster go crazy? Well, I have no idea, but can we really try to be logical about the man who is also kind of in love with his mom, still lives at home, has a father-uncle, and briefly owned a hook for a hand? Probably not. (No offense to people with hooks for hands.)


Lucille Bluth is the best

I tried to come up with just one thing I love about Lucille Bluth, but I couldn't. Here's why: Lucille Bluth is literally the best character on the entire show. Anyone who doesn't agree is not watching the same show as I am. Her winking, her eye rolls, her constant drinking, her sarcasm, her rivalry with her alleged "best friend." I'm totally obsessed with her.

Will you be watching the latest season of "Arrested Development"?