Father's Day 2013: Last minute gifts for Dad

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Father's Day is already this weekend, so if you haven't purchased something for your dad yet... oops? But there's time! Since no two dads are the same, there is no "right" or "wrong" gift, but here are a few ideas that may help you figure out what to get:

The Basics

Something useful - Some dads are very much into "practical" items, which is where I think gifts like tools come into the mix. If your dad really is a handyman and there's a set of tools he doesn't have, then go for it. Other practical, but still pretty cool, items include: a GPS, a new phone cover, an e-reader, a watch.

Something traditional - Ties, grilling utensils, and pretty much anything sports-related are the ultimate traditional Father's Day gifts. Tradition is nice, but a twist on tradition is even more awesome. How about a tie he'll actually wear, an entire grilling gift basket, or a gift card for a day at a local golf course?

Something sentimental - Is there a book you and Dad used to read together when you were kids? Maybe he taught you how to fish? Getting something small, but meaningful, can absolutely go over well. Dads have feelings, too, y'all!



A "bro"-quet - It's like a bouquet, only way more awesome. You can make it have a "theme" (a BBQ theme might include a bunch of different sauces tucked inside of an ice bucket like this or a car-themed option might include everything he'd need to wash and wax his car, like this). Tailor this to include things you know your dad loves - his favorite foods and treats, a hobby he loves, whatever. ThinkGeek even puts it all together for you, so you just have to pick your "type" of dad and you're good to go.

His favorite meal - Preparing a nice meal takes forethought, time, and effort, so making dad a delicious dinner is among the ultimate DIY ideas. Not only will he appreciate it, but it'll give you time to hang out with him and let him tell you that story he's already told you 100 times.

A hand-made gift or card - If you really want your gift to be strictly made by hand, the internet is rife with options. But a personal note inside of a handmade (or even store-bought) card will likely be just as well-received.

Taking Him Out

Tickets - Concert? Sporting event? Comedy show? Maybe even theater (hey, I don't know your dad! Maybe he loves musicals!)? Whatever the case, a night out at some type of event could be a lot of fun. Check out our Father's Day Gift Ideas page for more event ideas.

Dinner and a movie - A delicious steak dinner and a night out at the movies. Check out "Man of Steel" (out June 14) for the comic book-loving dad, or "This is the End" (out June 12) for dads who love a good comedy.

When All Else Fails...

Bacon - If you still have no idea what to get Dad, say it with bacon. Obviously.