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Today, IFC announced their satirical sketch comedy show "Portlandia" will be renewed for two more amazing, glorious, wonderful seasons. Seasons four and five, which will be 10 episodes long, will premiere in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

"Portlandia" stars SNL cast member Fred Armisen and actress/writer/musician Carrie Brownstein. Although Lorne Michaels (yeah, the dude behind "SNL" and "30 Rock") is the executive producer, the show is totally, 100% the brainchild of both Fred and Carrie, who write and star in almost every sketch. Their already-impressive list of guest stars includes Aubrey Plaza; Heather Graham; Jeff Goldblum; Penny Marshall; Roseanne Barr; Rose Byrne; Patton Oswalt; and Kristen Wiig.

These are my five favorite "Portlandia" sketches to prove that this is a show you should totally be watching... but whatever, you've probably never heard of it.

Battlestar Galactica

If there was one video on the internet that could accurately describe my life, it's this one. I have a television addiction, and I like to watch things in obsessive marathons. Hanging out with friends, doing productive things, and overall "being an adult" takes a backseat to watching an epic "The Walking Dead" marathon with my boyfriend, you know?

Wanna Come to My DJ Night?

Have you met someone who DJs in their spare time? Then maybe you know someone who knows someone who DJs? Or maybe your friend knows someone who knows someone who DJs? There's nothing wrong with DJing, but apparently a lot of people do it. Possibly too many people. I blame deadmau5.

The Knot Store

There are only two Jeff Goldblum roles that matter to me. First, there's his performance in the "Jurassic Park" franchise. And then there's this. He plays the manager/owner of an artisanal knot store in Portland, Oregon, and later even reprises his role as an artisanal doily store owner — both of which are markets that should be tapped into ASAP.

Feminist Bookstore

This ongoing skit is undoubtedly one of my favorites. This one features Steve Buscemi, who runs in to the bookstore to use the restroom, only to realize this is the worst. store. ever. The funny thing? Carrie and Fred's characters are based on real-life women who run a real-life bookstore in Portland.

Put a Bird On It

Need to make something appealing? Put a bird on it! Everyone loves birds on things, especially when it's DIY-inspired! Or you have to make it yourself! And it takes a ton of time! See also: put a mustache on it; put a mustache wearing a mustache on it; put a chevron pattern on it; put some chalkboard paint on it.