Three cute dad-related videos in honor of Father's Day

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In honor of Father's Day, which is tomorrow, in case you forget (and I really hope you didn't!), here are three really cute dad-related internet videos. Enjoy!

Dad/Jess Time

I briefly mentioned this video last month, but it's so cute I think it warrants mentioning again. The Google Chrome video tells the story of a father/daughter who recently lost their wife/mother... and the evolution of their father-daughter relationship because of it.

Dad/Daughter Duet

Ellen DeGeneres always finds the cutest kids, so I'm not surprised she had this dad/daughter duo on her show. Jorge Narvaez and his super cute 6-year-old daughter Alexa perform YouTube songs on their couch... so they brought the couch to Ellen's set. Adorable.

Dad is Fat

In a promo for his latest book, "Dad is Fat," comedian Jim Gaffigan released this video of him and his kids. I love it mostly because he got all four of his kids to participate and the little one is to-die-for cute.