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What People Are Talking About

This week we have a diverse list of things people are talking about. The Miami Heat clinch the NBA® title again, there's some homestate pride in the Miss USA pageant, as well as a cringe moment for another contestant, and the official trailer for Anchorman 2 was released.

Miami Heat wins second NBA title in a row

The NBA® Finals came to a striking end last night with the Miami Heat claiming their second straight title, this year against the San Antonio Spurs. After a game characterized by back and forth leads between the two teams, a missed shot by the Spurs' Tim Duncan and a well-placed jumper by LeBron James in the final seconds put the game out of the Spurs' reach. So King James and the Heat get two in a row. Now the question on everyone's minds surely is: can the Heat make it a third next year? If so, they'll be the first team to do it since the LA Lakers in 2002. It'll likely be elusive, however, as not even the mighty Lakers could achieve it again after winning the 2009 and 2010 games, because they didn't make it to the finals in 2011. Of course, if the Heat even make it to the finals next year, that'll be a story all it's own. The last team to play in more than three consecutive finals (the Heat also played in 2011) was the Lakers from 1982 to 1985.

Connecticut contestant wins Miss USA pageant; Miss Utah USA fumbles

We here in Connecticut have no major sports teams to give us glory and bragging rights (other than the WNBA, which is just not as popular), though hopes for a return of the Hartford Whalers are inextinguishable. Therefore, we must rely on other types of competitions to give our state some positive news. So it was a big day when Miss Connecticut USA, Erin Brady, was chosen as Miss USA last Sunday. However, her win was at least in part overshadowed by the meandering answer Miss Utah USA gave to a question regarding income inequality. I can hardly blame her, though, because how many people can properly answer a question about complex economics at the best of times, never mind during a beauty pageant?

Anchorman 2 trailer released; what do you think?

The official trailer for Anchorman 2 is here! The sequel of the 2004 movie about a '70s news anchor is set to arrive in theaters in December. I won't give anything away here, but it definitely looks like a movie I want to see, but that could be the video production geek in me talking. Anchorman 2 is already generating some debate over its quality, with some people worried that it will recycle many of the same jokes and plot points used in the first movie. I definitely think there is a real risk of it seeming old, but I'll reserve my final judgement until I see the film myself.


Have a good first weekend of summer, everyone!

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