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Guys, I've watched "Miss Congeniality" a bunch of times so I know being a pageant participant is no walk in the park. I mean, unless Michael Caine is your coach, and even then, he can only do so much to help you out. As we mentioned in Friday's post, Miss Utah could've totally used some tips from Michael Caine when she gave her answer at the Miss USA pageant last week. Thankfully, later in the week she got some redemption... and still, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Right?

Miss Utah 2013: Take One

When asked about gender inequality in the workforce, Miss Utah tried to answer. She really, really tried. But it only resulted in one of those moments that was hard to watch because you could tell she knew she was crashing and burning and there was nothing any one could do to help.

Miss Utah 2013: Take Two

Thankfully, Miss Utah was invited on the Today Show after her snafu went viral on the internet. She sat down with Matt Lauer, who asked her the same question from the pageant once more, and gave her an opportunity to answer — for real this time.

Miss Teen USA 2007

So was Miss Utah's bumbling answer better or worse than the answer that South Carolina contestant for Miss Teen USA 2007 gave when talking about maps and The Iraq and such as? I can't say, but I'm totally going to re-watch her answer just for fun.

To be completely fair, any one of us might flub our answer if we were talking in front of millions of people. But it's still kind of fun to watch.

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