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Now that we are nearly half-way through the 2013 Major League Baseball season, I thought it would be a great time to take a look back on the first half of the season and check out some of the ticketing trends that have developed so far on

At the top of the list of top-selling teams are the Texas Rangers, who currently have the second-best record in the American League. Rangers tickets for games in Arlington, TX, have accounted for more than 10% of all tickets sold for MLB regular season games. By comparison, there have been more tickets sold for the Rangers games than for the bottom nine selling teams, combined. That includes teams like the New York Mets, San Diego Padres and both Chicago teams, the Cubs and White Sox.

Right behind the Rangers is their 2010 World Series opponent, the San Francisco Giants, who account for more than 9% of MLB tickets sold. The defending World Series champs have struggled this season, hovering around .500 for much of the year, which has not dampened their fans enthusiasm.

Average MLB Ticket Price on
Rank Team Average Price*
1. Boston Red Sox $77
2. New York Mets $66
3. Chicago Cubs $63
4. Toronto Blue Jays $59
5. New York Yankees $58
6. San Francisco Giants $57
7. St. Louis Cardinals $55
8. San Diego Padres $54
9. Oakland A's $54
10. Minnesota Twins $54

Highest Average Price: Boston Red Sox

Not surprisingly, the Red Sox have the highest average price for tickets sold on So far this season, Sox games at Fenway Park have sold for $77, which is 67% higher than the league average of $46. The Sox are traditionally among the top selling teams in the league, and with their surprising start to the season following a disappointing 2012, demand among Boston fans only got higher.

Lowest Average Price: Los Angeles Dodgers

Slightly more surprising is the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the team with the lowest average. Even with the recent fervor surrounding rookie Yasiel Puig, Dodgers tickets have an average price of just $29. That's almost 60% less than the previously mentioned league average. Other teams at the bottom of the pack in average price include the Pittsburgh Pirates ($30), Miami Marlins ($34), Kansas City Royals ($35), and Washington Nationals ($36).

What to watch for in the second half of the season

As the season goes on, teams will start to emerge as either a good team in the hunt for the postseason or a bad team who has no chance of playing in October. As that happens, ticket sales will start to reflect that.

The St. Louis Cardinals are a team in position to get a boost in the second half of the season. The Cardinals are in the middle of the pack in number of tickets sold, but have the best record in baseball and have some of the best fans in the games. If they are able to continue to win, both their average price and total sales could be on the rise.

The Seattle Mariners are the obvious choice for a team that will fall in the rankings in the next couple months. The M's are currently the fourth highest selling team on, but are 10.5 games back in their division and have the seventh-worst record in all of Major League Baseball. So unless they make a strong run, demand for Mariners tickets could dwindle.

It's been a great first half of the season, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

All sales data are from the marketplace as of June 25, 2013 at 3 p.m.