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With how frequently dog videos get posted here, I don't think it's much of a secret that we love them. They can't help that they're so adorable and smart and funny! So this week, we pay homage to dogs, with a special dog-themed post. Check out dogs giving their masters a warm welcome, a dog playing the best game of fetch ever, and a commercial that will make you want to run out and get a dog of your own.

Dogs welcome soldiers home

Soldiers coming home is enough to make anyone emotional. Capturing that on video for everyone to see adds an extra dose of emotion. Add a reunion with beloved pets and some upbeat music into the mix, and suddenly it's just good feelings all around, forever. This compilation video, which surfaced earlier this week, features dogs of all kinds, but my favorite is the huge doggie at the end who's so happy to see his human that he gives him a big ol' hug.

Titus the Bat Dog

No, not Titus the dog from Batman, but Titus, a dog that literally retrieves bats during Charleston Riverdog baseball games. Guys: this is a dog fetching a bat! And he's so excited about it! He also fetches baseballs and gets major love from all of the players for a job well done. Titus is even part of the team's logo, and rightfully so. I'm not a sports person, but I would totally go to a baseball game if it meant I got to see Titus in action. Meanwhile, I can't even get my dog to fetch his own toys.

Man's best friend

Oh, God. I hate AND love emotional commercials. With this one, you can tell what you're getting into early in the advertisement. Yet, as the music builds, as the man puts on his hat, as they go have tea together, as they cross the street, as they get the flowers, you just KNOW the commercial is going to end up getting you right in the feels. It helps that it's pretty much the cutest dog ever (I say this because he looks like my dog, and my dog is the actual cutest dog ever, obviously.)


Man, dogs are the best. What dog-related stuff did you come across this week?

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