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What People Are Talking About

Now that our Independence Day celebrations are over, we're talking about weird baby names, dogs who perform good deeds, and kid movies done right.

Unique baby names

Last week, everyone was up in arms about the news that Kim and Kanye had named their first daughter North... West. Not that it matters what I think, but I don't hate it. I think it's kind of funny. Anyway, this week, it came out that 146 other babies in the U.S. joined the "unique baby name" bandwagon — they were all named Khaleesi, a made up word from the George R. R. Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire" books and HBO's "Game of Thrones" television series. The name means "queen" in the Dothraki language. To be fair... Daenerys Targaryen AKA Khaleesi has definitely had some of the best scenes in all of "Game of Thrones." So I will reserve my judgment.

Lentil the French Bulldog

Lentil the French Bulldog is to-die-for adorable. He has a killer following on Facebook (90,000+ and growing) and he essentially deserves some kind of humanitarian award for his good deeds. The dog was born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate. Recently, he had surgery to fix his cleft palate (which made it dangerous for him to eat and drink) but his cleft lip, which is merely a cosmetic issue, has remained. Because of that, the 5-month-old dog has become a mascot for local hospitals in Pennsylvania who have invited him to meet with kids who also have cleft lips. The hope was that seeing Lentil would make the children feel more "normal." Lentil has now visited hundreds of patients at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. One patient said, "He doesn't look like, you know, a regular dog. So that kind of makes him special, so it probably makes kids who have something that I have, makes them feel special." D'aaaww.

Despicable Me 2

This week, "Despicable Me 2" was released July 3 and critics have already had good things to say about it. I'm usually pretty skeptical about how critics rate films. (Some argued that "Monsters University" was awful. Um, excuse you?) But I'm pumped that most have been saying "Despicable Me 2" is cute. Personally, I am not usually interested in movies that are too lazy to come up with some kind of fun sequel title (really, you're just going to slap a 2 on the end?) but the first one was so cute I can't resist. I just like kid movies, okay?


What were you talking about this week?