Justin Timberlake announces The 20/20 Experience, part two

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While Justin Timberlake announced previously that he would be releasing a second part to "The 20/20 Experience," the details were a bit vague. We knew there'd be a fall tour, sans Jay-Z. We knew the album would be out September 30. But it sort of stopped there.

This week, he went ahead and released a video teaser, which featured a snippet from what most have guessed will be his next single, "Take Back the Night." The clip shows Justin outside of a club holding up cards that each read the name of his previous singles and their release dates — but, of course, the card announcing when "Take Back the Night" will be released is blurred out entirely.

So we don't know much more, but we do have a single name. Check out the clip below — when do you think he'll release the song?