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I'm not sure if everyone knows this, but Mary Poppins was real. Maybe she didn't have the talking umbrella, or the bottomless bag, but she was modeled after an actual person, and "Saving Mr. Banks" is her story.

The new Disney film features Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as Lyndon Goff, the author who wrote the Mary Poppins book series (under the pseudonym P.L. Travers), which served as the basis for the 1964 Disney movie. If ever a "meta" movie existed, it would be this one, since it's a movie about the creation of a movie based on a book written by a woman's real-life experience.

As with most Disney things, it will likely be wonderful. Aside from Thompson and Hanks — who just finished his role on Broadway in Lucky Guy and now has time to do things like promote new movies — a few others will star, including: Jason Schwartzman; Paul Giamatti; Colin and B.J. Novak.

As someone who loves Tom Hanks, Disney, Emma Thompson, AND "Mary Poppins," I feel like this movie is an all-around win. Will you be seeing it?

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Andy Heaps
Andy Heaps said...

Anything with Tom Hanks is guaranteed success, isn't it? Although I guess that plenty of things could go wrong with this one given the pretty unique theme.

July 16, 2013 at 3:37 AM

crystal said...

It's definitely an interesting theme, and if they don't do it right, it could end up being quite confusing. But I love Tom Hanks, so I'm willing to check it out! What about you?

July 16, 2013 at 4:57 PM

Andy Heaps
Andy Heaps said...

Can't wait to be honest, if only because I liked Tom Hanks in virtually every film he played in. Hopefully, all those promises will get fulfilled and we are going to enjoy a great movie!

July 17, 2013 at 8:05 AM

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