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What People Are Talking About

This week, people are talking about the "Best Song Ever," a "Full House" semi-reunion, and Kristen Wiig as Michael Jordan.

1D's "Best Song Ever"

Earlier this week, Directioners were super excited when One Direction's new single, "Best Song Ever," leaked a few days early. The song was set to come on July 22, and the band was even releasing daily video teasers culminating in a countdown until the song's release. With only five days to go, the song leaked online July 17. To be fair, the band had been teasing the song since they released the trailer for their 3D movie, "This Is Us," back in June. I doubt this will hurt sales even a little bit.

Jesse and the Rippers

If you were a "Full House" fan growing up, then you probably remember when Uncle Jesse was more than just a radio DJ — he also had a band, Jesse and the Rippers. They struggled to become famous, but then they had that one hit song (a Beach Boys cover) and it became super popular in Tokyo! Okay, I feel like I am the only one who remembers this. Anyway, the point is this: Jesse and the Rippers will be reuniting on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" tonight. John Stamos started tweeting about it this week, and even posted a video on Instagram singing the "Full House" theme song. You should totally watch.

"Michael Jordan"

These days, you may find yourself wondering, "What's Michael Jordan been up to?" or "Does he wear his own jersey wherever he goes?" Thankfully, "Michael Jordan" was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon this week and man, he looks totally different. He talked about everything from the basketball superstars he's played with (the three Jimmys, among them, of course) to giving a shout out to his alma mater ("How's it going, guys? College!"). Great interview, really riveting.


What were you talking about this week?