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What People Are Talking About

Blurred Lines

It's been an interesting few weeks for Robin Thicke, whose song, "Blurred Lines," has simultaneously been hailed the "song of the summer" and incredibly offensive due to the lyrics and video. I won't get into it, but Thicke said he stands by his work. "What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman," he said. Regardless, the song is ridiculously catchy and Thicke has been getting tons of press, just in time for the release of his new album. He even stopped by Jimmy Fallon's show where he, Fallon, and The Roots performed "Blurred Lines" using instruments one might find at an elementary school. One thing I think we can all agree on: Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are the best.

Singing Quarterback

The University of Memphis football team visited St. Jude's Hospital this week. The team participated in a scavenger hunt with patients, but once that was over, quarterback Jacob Karam stuck around. He played piano for the kids, while Breanna, a patient there, sang. According to Breanna's mom, Dara, the two performed 10 songs together because she "didn't want to stop... I hope next time she won't have to wear the mask. We even got invited to watch a game."

Breaking SNL

Last week, SNL star Jason Sudeikis casually announced that he would not be returning to SNL. He'd been openly talking about it for a while, but his appearance confirmed it. So while that's kind of a bummer, this video of SNL alum "breaking" during their performances is totally not. The video, at left, is a giggle-fest featuring everyone from Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon to Adam Sandler and Chris Farley. Why is it so funny to watch other people laugh?


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