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"The Office" may be over, but that doesn't necessarily mean we have to stop talking about it. This week, a video surfaced of unseen audition tapes for "The Office" featuring actors and actresses we already know that didn't get the parts. Seth Rogen auditions for the role of Dwight; Bob Odenkirk auditions for Michael; Eric Stonestreet auditions for Kevin; Kathryn Hahn for Pam; John Cho as Jim; and Adam Scott, also as Jim.

Interestingly, we kind of saw Bob Odenkirk as a Michael Scott-type character in the final season of "The Office" and he was amazing. (At least I thought so.) But who was cast in the roles would undoubtedly have also changed who the characters became, since the actors and characters often influence one another.


Favorite pick from this handful of auditions? I like John Cho as Jim.