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What People Are Talking About

This week, everyone was up in arms about everything. Beyonce cut her hair! A fake documentary was aired on the Discovery Channel! And an package was stolen! Commence freak-outs!

Beyonce's Pixie Cut

Beyonce cut her hair and, with the explosive reactions, you'd have thought the world stopped spinning or something. I say this as a huge Beyonce fan: everything will be okay! It's just hair! #Beyonce was trending all day long yesterday as people weighed in on whether they loved it or hated it and tweeted all about how Beyonce was obviously copying Miley Cyrus. (I, for one, have never seen short, blond hair on a woman prior to Miley Cyrus. Nope, it's never been done before.) But what most were wondering is: why did Beyonce do it? I can think of a few reasons: she's an adult; why not; everyone's talking about it; or she never wants her hair to get caught in a fan again.

Shark Week

Your eyes do not deceive you. The video at left features a cat, dressed up like a shark (in honor of Shark Week, duh), riding a Roomba vacuum cleaner around a kitchen. It's glorious. (Oh, God, I spent too much time watching literally all of the videos of this cat on the Roomba. I can't stop.) Anyway, this week is the Discovery Channel's Shark Week! They kicked off the week with a mockumentary about a gigantic shark called "Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives." People got really mad and said they were boycotting the channel. Meanwhile, Discovery Channel said they stood by their mockumentary... which 4.8 million people tuned in to watch. Check out some of the channel's best Shark Week videos here.

To Catch an Package Thief

Local news is not always the greatest. It's typically a mixture of reports of local crimes, fires, and car accidents. But this? This is golden. The segment is about a man whose Amazon package was stolen from outside of his house. Thankfully, he caught the whole thing on camera. but he knew he couldn't just sit back and wait for justice to happen: he needed to make it happen. The result is probably one of the best local news segments of all time.


What were you talking about this week?