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A few weeks ago I covered just a few of the instances where an artist's behavior ruined a concert for their fans. Of course, terrible concerts tend to be few and far between. Most go off without a hitch and people have a good time. Occasionally, though, the artist or band does something that makes the show extra special, either for a specific fan or the audience as a whole.

Dave Matthews

File this one under "good things come to those who help others," especially when your assistance goes to the guy you're driving to see. Last month singer Dave Matthews was out riding before a concert in Hershey, PA, without a cell phone when the bike developed a flat tire. Emily Kaus, a Dave Matthews Band fan who was heading to the very same concert, and her boyfriend, stopped to help and discovered the subject of their rescue was none other than Matthews himself. So Matthews hitched a ride to the venue with Kaus and boyfriend. The two ended up having dinner with Matthews, and received a backstage visit and front-row seats at the show.

One Direction

There's not anything quite unusual about an artist calling a fan up to the stage. It happens from time to time, but surely it's that much more awesome when you're an enthusiastic One Direction fan. Prior to early 2012, 1D apparently had plans to serenade some audience members on stage on at least an irregular basis, during a tour in the UK. Unfortunately for future fans hoping to be invited up, the band had to stop doing it after the lucky girls were subjected to a hate campaign by other fans.

Justin Bieber

Okay, so Justin Bieber isn't behaving entirely well these days, given the fact that he keeps showing up late for his own concerts, but it doesn't mean he doesn't do something right once in a while, even if it's at another artist's show. After all, the Biebs still has a lot of fans, despite recent incidents, who will not object to his presence whenever they can get it. Which is why the audience was delighted when he made an appearance at a Cody Simpson concert in June. Bieber made a similar appearance at a Taylor Swift concert in 2011.

Interestingly, at the same Des Moines, IA, show where Bieber got heat for being late, some ticketless fans scored free passes to the concert after waiting outside Bieber's trailer hoping to see him.

Jason Mraz

Imagine attending a concert for one of your favorite artists and already being pretty content. Now amp up the situation a bit when said artist quite literally gives your boyfriend the spotlight so he can to propose to you. That was the case last August when Jason Mraz, singing his hit "I'm Yours" at the time, stopped mid-song and shined the spotlight on fan Brian Morris, who proposed to his girlfriend right there.

A similarly orchestrated setup was captured in June at a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert. During the rapper's performance of "Same Love," fans Danielle Renae and Taylor were invited on stage, and Danielle proposed to her girlfriend.

Jason Aldean

A lot of people say they're an artist's biggest fan, but few have actually been recognized as one. That all changed for Jason Aldean superfan Holly Hazell at the beginning of June. Hazell, who has been to 100 Aldean concerts since 2006, was invited to the stage by Aldean, where he presented to her an enormous signed ticket commemorating the feat.