7 Reasons 2013 is the Year of the 1990s

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I've written about the '90s a lot these past few months, but I feel like that's only because so much of the 1990s is back. Is it because those of us who were kids then are suddenly adults with money that's burning a collective hole in our pockets? That's probably part of it. Part of it is also probably that the feeling of nostalgia is just so good.

Please feel free to listen to your old No Doubt CDs on your Discman, tie your hair back in a scrunchie, and remember what life was like with dial-up internet as you read why 2013 is like, totally the year of the 1990s.

#1: Boy bands

In 2013, the Backstreet Boys celebrated their 20-year anniversary; 'NSync reunited on stage; Hanson released a new album and tour; and 98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block, and Boyz II Men embarked on a '90s boy band extravaganza tour.

#2: Girl bands

Destiny's Child kicked off 2013 by performing at the Super Bowl and making us think back to when the group had four people in it, not three. They also released a greatest hits CD, complete with a new single. And let's not forget that the Spice Girls have been photographed hanging out, sparking rumors that they might reunite. Other '90s music returns include: Courtney Love (although it was her band, Hole, that was famous in the '90s); My Bloody Valentine; and Pixies. No Doubt is allegedly also working on a new album.

#3: Fresh Prince

While promoting his latest movie, Will Smith and his son, Jaden, stopped by "The Graham Norton Show" for an interview... which quickly turned into a "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" reunion. Not only did the two break out into the theme song, but Alfonso Ribeiro dropped by to do "The Carlton" dance.

#4: Girl Meets World

We all lived through the eyes of middle schooler Cory Matthews and his friends, Shawn Hunter and Topanga Lawrence, as he attended John Adams High. We follower them through high school and through college and now, we get to see the "Boy Meets World" crew live as adults — like us! It was "Boy Meets World" part deux following the announcement that a spin-off show, featuring Cory and Topanga as parents, would be coming soon to a TV near you.

#5: Jesse and the Rippers

If the "Full House" re-runs on TV weren't enough to quell your desires to re-live the '90s, then maybe a reunion would. Uncle Jesse teamed up with his old band, Jesse and the Rippers, for a special performance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." Even Danny, Aunt Becky, and Uncle Jesse's mullet showed up.

#6: DIY

It's no coincidence that the surge in Pinterest's popularity has happened in 2013. Pinterest is a mecca for DIY adventures, from new recipes to try to ways to revamp your entire home. Suddenly, it's not weird, but trendy (again) to learn how to pickle things, make a 'zine, tie-dye your own clothes, or craft your own soap.

#7: Fashion

Flannel, acid wash, high-waisted jeans, overalls, combat boots, cropped tops, floral printed dresses, jelly shoes, ripped jeans, rompers, skorts... you can find any of these fashions at most major clothing chains, right now. So if you missed dressing like Daria, that option is now available to you again.

The moral of the story? We can't let go. Bring on the Tamagotchis, Lisa Frank stickers, and jean jackets!