Discovering Boston from a Different Perspective

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The following is a guest article by Dan Patterson.

Boston skyline

When planning your trip to Boston, you may find yourself in a fluster, struggling to soak up the city for every inch of street it offers. Being one of the most historic cities on the globe, there are certainly a plethora of amazing sites to see. Though you may be consumed with nostalgic tours of the city, we want to help you discover Boston from a totally different perspective, allowing you to taste the city’s true flavors.

Between the mix of professional sports, comedy shows, art galleries and more your long weekend will certainly be filled with excitement. There are plenty of destinations off the beaten path, so we’d like to throw a few pointers your way so that you can leave the hub of New England satisfied with the sights and sounds.

Kick Back and Have a Laugh

Before planning out your trip to Beantown, make sure you save an evening to go check out Improv Boston. Located at 40 Prospect Street in the heart of Cambridge is one of the city’s most entertaining night spots. ImprovBoston has been around for over 30 years, serving the cities tourists and citizens with an above bar selection of improvisational, sketch and stand-up comedy for audiences of all ages. Boston is internationally recognized for its fine crop of comedic talent, and it comes as no surprise that most of that talent gets its start at ImprovBoston. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or a few laughs with family and friends, this choice will not let you down!

The City Of Sports

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in sports, then you’ve come to the right city. Known as one of the country’s best cities for professional sports action, every season grants a new opportunity to immerse yourself within The City of Champions’ passionate sports culture. Whether you take a trip to historic Fenway Park or bundle up and brave the cold at Gilette Stadium to watch some pigskin, you won’t be disappointed by the display of talent, both on and off the field. Bostonians are some of the most dedicated fans on the planet, so if you come from a rival city, we suggest that you dress in neutral colors if you’re interested in enjoying your ice cold Sam Adams and cup of chowder.

Up and Coming Parts Of the City

Visiting Boston will most likely have you jumping into a time machine where you will revisit everything from the American Revolution to the Boston Tea Party. When you find your brain has been crammed with an overload of historical information, take some time to check out the Seaport section of the city. Recently re-developed, the Seaport District is now the hottest section in the city, with waterfront dining, a number of fun night-spots/bars and a contemporary thrill waiting for you at the ICA, offering an extensive mix of modern art. Seaport has something for everyone, so if the sun is shining and you want to enjoy the weather, nothing beats an evening Harborwalk stroll.

Although you may be persuaded to the see the amazing historic sections of Boston, there are certainly some hidden gems that will allow you to appreciate the city in all its beauty.

This article was written by Dan Patterson, Director of Internet Marketing for CityPASS.

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