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This week, Jimmy Kimmel pranks everyone, the first week of the NFL season is in the books, and Jim Carrey shares a picture of his chipped tooth.

Jimmy Kimmel Behind Twerking Gone Bad Video

A week after a video of a young lady attempting to "twerk" and failing miserably went viral, getting over 9 million views on YouTube alone, it was revealed this week that it was actually just an elaborate prank by late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel. I'll admit it - I was duped. When I saw the original video, I just shook my head and said, "this is Miley Cyrus' fault." Kimmel did not do any promotion of the original video. It all happened because apparently America loves twerking and watching people fail. Well played Jimmy, well played.

First Week of NFL Games

There has now been a full week of NFL games played with all 32 teams playing this past week. In what has become an annual tradition, this week is also known as "NFL Overreaction Week"! Every team that won their game this past week are title contenders, and all those who lost, well, better luck next year. Of course that's not really the case, but it would be tough to tell listening to fans. Now on to Week 2 and a brand new set of overreactions! (GIF via SBNation)

Lloyd Christmas is Back

It took nearly 20 years, but it's finally happening, the sequel to the classic comedy "Dumb and Dumber" is set to start filming this month! Actor Jim Carrey teased fans this week on his WhoSay profile with a picture of himself with a chipped tooth, perhaps the most identifiable characteristic of his character Lloyd Christmas. The movie will be called "Dumb and Dumber To" (yes, I spelled the title correctly) and will once again star Carrey alongside Jeff Daniels who will reprise his role as Harry Dunne. This movie can't come out soon enough!


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