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The Fox: AKA The Best Music Video Ever

Comedy duo Ylvis released "The Fox" last week and it's quickly becoming one of the most viral music videos as of late. With nearly 40 million views, "The Fox" is pretty much one of the weirdest and therefore, greatest, songs and videos of all time. Ylvis, made up of brothers Baard and Vegard Ylvisaaker of Bergen, Norway, released the video to promote their upcoming talk show, to air in Norway. The brothers called their success a surprise. The duo has even been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show (yesterday!), so they've kind of made it.

Britney in Vegas

Earlier this week, Britney Spears stopped by "Good Morning America" to officially announce her Las Vegas residency, "Piece of Me." The lead-up to the announcement was kind of fun, if over-the-top: Britney rode into some desert in Vegas in a helicopter, where more than 1,000 fans — all wearing "Baby One More Time" outfits — held up signs promoting the show in anticipation of her arrival. (She also did a few interviews to promote the event, one of which is at left.) The show kicks off December 27, following the release of her eighth album December 3. She'll perform several shows through February 2014. This week, she also released her new single, "Work Bxxch" (yes, that is what people are stylizing it as), which was number 1 in nearly 40 countries, so she's having a pretty good week.

The Return of Your Favorite TV Shows

Possibly one of the best things about fall is that TV shows make their triumphant return. This week and next week will be the time when most TV shows debut their new season. This week welcomed back shows like "The Mindy Project" and "Bones," while new shows, like "Sleepy Hollow" and "Brooklyn Ninety-Nine" had their premieres. It'll only get better in the coming weeks, which means I'm about to get pretty busy (...sitting in front of my TV). Also, this is kind of fun: FOX network decided to use "The Fox" in their latest promos (check it out, at left). Enjoy!

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