Battle Of The Seasons: Why Winter Is The Best

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Why is winter the best season? Well, it isn't. At least we don't think so... in fact, Mike, Tim and I couldn't even find someone on our TN Team who wanted to advocate for winter and talk about why it's the greatest.

What winter means to us: we hardly ever see the sun, we're barricaded in at all times by several feet of snow, we have to shovel and dig our cars out of said snow, we must drive in treacherous weather, and it's frigid outside. Ugh. I'm dreading winter just thinking about it. That's why we're having trouble seeing why anyone in New England would think winter is the best season. So we tried to brainstorm a few reasons. Here's our best shot.

Why (We Think Some People Who Love The Cold May Believe) Winter Is The Best

  • Winter holidays
  • Snowboarding/skiing?
  • It's very cold?
  • Snow can be pretty?
  • Hot chocolate?
  • Mittens?
  • Snowmen?
  • ...Peppermint?

In short, we're not really sure why winter might be viewed as the best. So if you've got a better reason, please share in the comments!

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All photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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