Battle Of The Seasons: Why Spring Is The Best

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Spring In The Park

Yes, it's fall. So, let me be the first person to say... I'm sorry that you have to suffer through such a dreadful season only to lead up to an equally bad season (winter). Time to get out the rakes and shovels, fun is over. On the bright side, only six months until the spring.

I sometimes find it hard to believe that people would choose any season other than the spring as the best of them all. Spring is far and away the best season and not just because of all its good qualities, but because of all the shortcomings of the other seasons.

Why Spring Is The Best

Trees And Flowers Are Back From The Dead. The #1 reason that people love the fall is the foliage, which by definition is leaves DYING from off the trees. Maybe if those dead leaves stayed on the trees, but no, hours and hours of raking is inevitable. Give me the spring, when the trees start budding once again with new life. Flowers begin to bloom once again. Any color you could want to see starts showing up again on trees and in gardens. I choose to watch things come back to life, not die and decay, but that could be just me.

Trees Budding

Shorts And T-Shirt Weather. During the hot summer months, people start to get crazy and say "I can't wait until sweater weather." Wait, what now? You can't wait to have to wear bulky, suffocating clothing because it's so cold outside? Riiiight. Give me the shorts and t-shirt weather of late spring, when you can just pop on sandals and go outside. Not break a sweat. Not get frostbite. Just perfect weather. Fall and winter are too cold, dreary and depressing; summer is too hot and humid; spring is just right.

The Sun. That's right, the sun. Do you work and normal 9 to 5 job? Well, if you do, kiss the sun good-bye for five days a week. When the clocks get turned back in fall, you will start leaving work and it will already be dark. In spring, the clocks go forward, the days get longer. You get to start going outside and enjoying the weather, breathing in the fresh, spring air.


Not Relying on TV for Entertainment. Yes, television networks start most shows during fall and with good reason: people cease wanting to go outside. Instead, they find a spot on the couch escaping the misery of fall and winter. During the spring, outdoors activities start again. Parks start to get filled with kids and parents. People start gardening. The world comes to life after hibernating for the last two seasons and enjoying the weather until the heat of summer brings them back inside.

A Full Schedule of Sports. Spring is that rare season where almost all major sports are played (hey fall, how about you stop talking trash that there is only baseball in spring?). In spring, not only does baseball start again, but there is the NBA and NHL playoffs, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the NFL has its draft and college football has all its spring football games. Every day in spring you could find another sporting event to enjoy.

In conclusion, spring is the best. Fall is depressing as you watch the trees die, as long as it's not dark from the sun already going down. Winter, well, I mean, it's freezing and snowy. Summer, is way too hot and humid. Spring is king.

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