Battle Of The Seasons: Your Pick For Best Season Is...

Four seasons

As you know from our posts earlier this week, the TN Team has been arguing over which season they think is best. Was it fall, with its pumpkin-flavored foods and fall foliage? Was it winter, with its extreme sports and winter holidays? Was it spring, with its blooming flowers and sports? Or was it fall, with its fun summer activities and barbecues?

While we did our best to make a case for our respective favorites, we also wanted to give our readers a chance to weigh in. So we asked around on social media to you tell us which season reigned supreme. And YOUR choice for the best season is (drumroll please)...


Summer was the overwhelming winner in those who reached out to us on social media — not to mention the winner among the TN Team (although fall did come in second, spring in third, and winter last). However, in a surprising twist, winter came in second out of YOUR answers for favorite season! (We're still waiting on those answers for why winter is so great, though...)

Thanks to everyone who participated, and long live summer!

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