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Late Night Talk Shows

(Note: Some NSFW language in the linked videos ahead.) Recently, shows like "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" have been totally on point with creating videos everyone is sharing. There was Jimmy Kimmel's twerk fail prank; there was Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's #hashtag #awesomevideo #lolololololol; there was the lip-sync battle between Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Stephen Merchant; and there was the Jimmy Kimmel video that poked fun at Kanye West... and made Kanye pretty angry, inspiring a slew of angry tweets directed at Jimmy K. At left, we have the obvious front runner, though — The Roots and Jimmy Fallon teamed up with the Sesame Street gang to reimagine the show's theme song. It's like the Jimmys really understand us.

Classic Comedy Actors Return to Relevance

Robin Williams and Michael J. Fox are both back on TV this fall — Robin with his new show, "The Crazy Ones," and MJ Fox with "The Michael J. Fox Show," both of which premiered last night. Robin Williams (in his first regular appearance since "Mork & Mindy) plays a kooky guy named Simon Roberts, a Chicago advertising executive; Michael J. Fox plays a fictionalized version of himself as Mike Henry, who, five years after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, is trying to get his life back on track. Both of these guys are the type of actors everyone roots for, so it's nice to see Mork and Alex P. Keaton back on TV!

Emmys 2013 Include NPH and Twerking

In case you were too busy watching "Breaking Bad" or the "Dexter" series finale to tune in to the Emmys on Sunday, here's what you need to know: Steve Buscemi walking the red carpet is the best thing to emerge from the show. Okay, so, it's actually Steve Buscemi's face Photoshopped on top of the faces of actresses who were on the red carpet, but it's still pretty funny (and reminiscent of the Steve Buscemi eye meme). NPH did a pretty decent job hosting what was otherwise a rather tame show. "Breaking Bad" and "Modern Family" were the big winners (no surprise) but Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler were there, and that's all that really matters. (See video at left for them heckling NPH about the lack of twerking during the show.)

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