5 Best And Worst Parts of Going To The Fair

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It's the time of year when we enjoy the cool, outdoor weather by heading to state and county fairs. There's games, food, rides, crafts, and animals to enjoy.

While state fairs began in the 19th century for the purpose of promoting state agriculture, these days, fairs are about amusement rides, over-the-top fried foods, and entertainment. Most fairs keep the agriculture and livestock aspect in tact, but it's only one portion of a larger experience.

That said, the experience isn't always a great one. Here are the top 5 best and worst things about attending local fairs.



Fair Foods 1
Anticipation of foods
Only at a fair could you eat things like fried cheesecake or a cheeseburger on a doughnut and not be judged for your choices. But that's the beauty of it. We can only get fair foods once a year, so we spend a lot of time anticipating how amazing they're going to taste.
Fair Foods 2
Food not as great as imagined
The hype surrounding certain "cuisines" is more grandiose than the reality. As with everything, if you spend too much time anticipating how great something is going to be, it's hard not to be let down when faced with the truth: maybe waiting in line to eat fried jelly beans was a mistake.
Fair Tradition
Attending fairs is a thing everyone does when this time of the year rolls around. Your grandparents went, and your parents, then you, and then you and your own kids,.and then your kids and their kids... it's tradition!
Fair Boring
Fairs don't change
When you attend the same fairs annually, you start to know about all of its ins and outs... and you realize just how much things don't really change. Tradition is certainly nice, but at some point, butter sculptures stop being riveting.
Fair Friends
Everyone's going
You're going to the fair, your friends are going to the fair, your parents, co-workers, and cousins twice removed are going to the fair. You may even run into someone you know while you're there. The point is: everyone's going and you're part of everyone, so you'll go, too.
Fair Crowd
No, seriously, everyone's going
You and your friends are the only ones going — so is everyone else. Fairs are notoriously crowded, and you can bet they'll be full of strange people, too. So add "people you don't know and hope you never have to talk to" to that list of those in attendance.
Fair Animals 1
Chance to see animals
D'aaaw, aren't the animals so cute?! Look at the cute little sheep! See how happy he makes the little kid!
Fair Animals 2
Ew, it smells
Well, now on top of all the weird food and people that smell funny, you've got animals to worry about.
Fair Activities
A lot to do
There's no shortage of activities to do at most fairs, as they include a slew of DIY crafts, booths to shop at, rides to enjoy, foods to try, animal competitions to watch, and butter sculptures to admire.
Fair Activities
A lot to pay for
Each new food, ride, or craft will cost you, plus fees o park and get in. That doesn't count games, which will cost you... but you wanted to spend $20 on that stuffed animal worth a few cents, right?

What do you consider the best and worst parts about going to the fair?

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