Bryan Cranston Confirmed to Make Broadway Debut

Bryan Cranston Confirmed to Make Broadway Debut

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In case you're finding yourself wondering what you'll do without Bryan Cranston on your television each Sunday night, don't worry: you can still see him on Broadway. It was recently confirmed that Cranston will go from portraying a meth dealer in Arizona to acting as Lyndon B. Johnson, former president of the United States.

The play, called All the Way, has been performing sold-out shows in Cambridge, MA. Although Cranston is the only confirmed actor at this point, the play will move to Broadway this winter and likely bring some "Breaking Bad" (or at the very least, Bryan Cranston) fans with it.

All the Way is set in the aftermath of the JFK assassination and follows Lyndon B. Johnson during his first year of presidency, focusing especially on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Other historical characters include Martin Luther King Jr. and J. Edgar Hoover. No official dates have been set.

Are you ready to see Bryan Cranston in a role that isn't Walter White?

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