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'Carrie' Viral Marketing

Ugh, imagine going to get your daily coffee and seeing some girl telekenetically jack someone up against the wall. That's what happened when a marketing team for the "Carrie" reboot film took over a New York City coffee shop. The scene: a coffee shop full of paid actors pretend to be working on their computers, reading, hanging out. One guy gets up from his seat and accidentally spills coffee on a girl and her laptop (a faux pas serious enough to send anyone into a rage). So, naturally, she uses telekenesis to shove him up onto the wall. The prank was enough to scare several unsuspecting coffee shop patrons... and made for a pretty fun video.

Miley Cyrus Everywhere

Miley released her album BANGERZ recently, so she's been making the talk show rounds. She stopped by SNL on Saturday, where they parodied her "We Can't Stop" video to coincide with the government shutdown and she gave a pretty decent performance of "Wrecking Ball." She also stopped by a slew of other shows this week to promote the album, including Today, Jimmy Fallon, and Ellen DeGeneres, where she's openly talked about her career, the buzz surrounding her antics, and her break-up with Liam. All in all, everything has been relatively... tame. The Roots/Jimmy Fallon/Miley Cyrus rendition of "We Can't Stop" is pretty awesome, though!

Kanye West on Kimmel

Remember when Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel got into that Twitter fight a few weeks back? Well, the disagreement came to a head when Kanye West appeared on Kimmel's talk show earlier this week. It was a relatively long interview, broken up into five parts, but I think it's worth the watch. Kanye had some interesting thoughts on the fashion world, classism, and creativity. While most try to dismiss Kanye as some kind of "crazy" ranting lunatic, I think a lot of what he says is actually pretty smart, even if he sometimes gets too heated to articulate it well. Plus, the guy is endlessly entertaining, so we've at least got to give him credit for that.

What were you talking about this week?