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If this cutie doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what to tell you. This video of 2-year-old Claire wishing her mom a happy birthday is somehow irresistibly adorable while also kind of being a little sad. You have to watch to get the full effect!

Here's what Claire's dad, Dan, told Good Morning America about the video:

"Usually my wife's birthday is a pretty big deal, so I try to do something new... I sat her down in the living room and we had a conversation for about 40 minutes... About Mommy and toys and food... I started talking about when Mommy's not here... I said, 'She works so hard, doesn't she?' She was like, 'Mommy works so hard,' almost on the verge of tears and I was on the other side of the camera in the living room like, 'Oh my goodness.' It just poured out."

Dan said mom loved the gift, but we already kind of knew she would.

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