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Saved by the Bell Meets Dancing wth the Stars

This season of "Dancing with the Stars" has been a throwback to the '90s with some of its contestants, including Bill Nye the Science Guy and two "Saved by the Bell" stars, Leah Remini (who played Stacey Carosi for an arc at a Malibu beach club) and Elizabeth Berkley (who played Jesse Spano). Elizabeth Berkley decided to capitalize on her time on the show and recreate one of the most iconic scenes from "Saved by the Bell." Watch the full dance here or check out the original at left.

Sandra Bullock Raps

While promoting her new film, "Gravity," Sandra Bullock stopped by "The Jonathon Ross Show." He was asking about how she and her co-star, George Clooney, spent their time between takes. As it turns out, apparently, they rapped. For real. Naturally, Jonathon Ross seized this opportunity to make Sandra Bullock rap on television, because why not? It's delightful and fun and embarrassing

Jingle Ball 2013

Mike wrote yesterday about Miley's not one, not two, but EIGHT Jingle Ball shows she'll be headlining. Given that she's the person everyone is talking about right now (especially following her award show performance and her SNL gig), it's no surprise. Miley and Robin Thicke will even reunite at a few of the shows, although no word if they'll perform together. She may, instead, go the low-key route, as she did with her "Wrecking Ball" performance on SNL. (Video at left.)

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