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What People Are Talking About

World Series

Of course everyone's talking about the World Series and whether the Red Sox or Cardinals will win. But after last night's game, people are also talking about James Taylor's flub during the National Anthem. Guitar in hands, he started out sounding fine, only he sang the words to "America the Beautiful" instead of the "National Anthem. He caught himself and quickly swapped over after the first few words. James Taylor's flub was particularly inoffensive, so I'm sure it will blow over pretty quickly. Poor dude.

Ohio State Halftime Show

Last Saturday, the homecoming game between Ohio State and Iowa paid homage to Michael Jackson with its halftime show. The Ohio State Marching Band nailed their routine, which included MJ's songs "Thriller" and "Bad." Their formations were even on point as they spelled things out with their bodies on the field. I won't spoil everything they do, but the 10 minute video is worth a full watch. (The announcer is pretty great, too, because that voice saying things like "And could he dance!" is hilarious.)

Dad's Reaction to His Son Passing Math

A young boy named Aria captured his father's reaction once he learned that his son had received a passing grade in math. The story: Aria, who has dyslexia, didn't believe he'd be able to pass math. His dad was skeptical, too, but that didn't stop the two from studying together in an effort to improve Aria's grade. Aria said, "no one thought I was going to pass, not even my dad. But he stood by me, supported me in anything I wanted to do." So when Aria's teacher told him he had, indeed, received a passing grade in the class, he decided to surprise his father with the great news and record his reaction. Aria said, "My dad is the greatest man in my world … he is my hero."

What were you talking about this week?