5 More "Treats" You Never Want to Get on Halloween

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Halloween is right around the corner and in celebration, we're continuing our post from last year about the worst "treats" you can get on Halloween.

Trick-or-treating can be hard work as you slog through the neighborhood, usually in an uncomfortable costume, while it's cold out. The least candy-givers can do is make sure their candy is worthwhile! So, even though we try to be grateful for free candy we get on Halloween, here are a few additional "treats" we'd just rather not have to deal with.

Hard candy

Individually-wrapped hard candy

You know how you can buy gigantic bags of indistinct, clear-wrapped candy with no logo or any indication about what you're going to put in your mouth? Don't. Even individually-wrapped Life Savers are a little insulting if you're only getting one.



Mints are pretty awesome when you're older, but no kid wants to open up their trick-or-treat bag and have to deal with Mentos or Altoids. Mints and mint-flavored products shouldn't even be called "candy." They are an anti-candy, reminiscent of toothpaste.

Knock-Off Candy


"Halloween candy" has become synonymous with the brands of candy we already know and love. We want Snickers and Reese's and Crunch and Nerds and Butterfingers... not weird candies we don't recognize. Sorry.

Leftover Candy

Leftovers from another holiday

Wow! Valentine's Day conversation hearts? Peeps from back on Easter? Candy canes? You shouldn't have! No, seriously, you shouldn't have. That's gross.

Empty Bag


As picky as some of us may be when it comes to candy, the truth is, the worst thing is not to get anything on Halloween. So don't forget to turn your light off if you don't plan on handing out candy!

Which candies do you think are the worst?

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Noneofyourbusiness said...

Just be glad you're getting anything, you grubby bastards.

I bet a whole lot of parents would totally boycott this event if they knew it was a Pagan holiday. The practice of wearing masks was to hide from evil spirits. Candy begging is a capitalism propaganda.

Stop disturbing people at their homes and go buy your own, you cheap jerks.

April 21, 2014 at 1:27 PM