5 Best and Worst Things About Halloween

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Are you ready for Halloween tomorrow night? Personally, I can't find it in my heart to hate on a holiday that mostly involves (delicious) candy, even though I've always been awful at choosing a costume.

While I like Halloween (zombies! pumpkins! ghosts!), I know there are good and bad parts to the holiday (as with everything), so here are my 5 best and worst picks for the Halloween holiday.



Halloween Costume
Cute costumes
Costumes are fun ways to show off your creativity or to pay homage to a character that you love. Plus, little kids and animals in costumes are the cutest!
Bad Halloween Costume
So much costume pressure
There’s so much pressure to create a great costume. It takes time and money to make a great one. I usually panic and end up with something lame.
Trick or Treat Bag
Trick-or-treating is amazing when you’re a kid. Um, I get to stick on this witch hat and go up to people’s house and demand free candy? Yes please!
Halloween Bowl
Kind of dull as an adult
If you’re not old enough to go trick-or-treating, Halloween can be kind of boring. On top of that, you buy all this candy, but none of it is for you. Womp womp.
Haunted House
Scary fun
It’s a fun excuse to get involved in all things spooky. If you talk about ghosts and monsters near Halloween, you’re normal. If you talk about ghosts and monsters any other time of the year, you’re crazy.
Haunted House Spooky
Gore is gross
Aside from lighthearted "spooky" stuff, Halloween is synonymous with gore and overall grossness. Hopefully you like your fruit punch to look like blood and your cookies to resemble gnarly zombie fingers.
Spooky pumpkins
Pranks on other people are fun
Playing pranks on people can be fun and a good way to have a nice laugh.
Spooky pumpkins
Pranks on you are less fun
Pranks on you are less fun because then you’re the one who ends up scared.
Candy corn
Excuse to eat a ton of candy
Time to eat all the snack sized candy bars! Yum! This is a great decision!
Candy pile
Excuse to eat a ton of candy
Yikes, okay, maybe eating ALL the snack sized candy bars is too much.

What do you consider the best and worst parts about Halloween?

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