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Boston Red Sox

Game 6 of the 2013 World Series proved to be pretty great not just for the Boston Red Sox, but Boston fans everywhere. It was the first World Series win for Boston at Fenway Park since 1918. As if that wasn't big enough, for many, their win represented more than just a sports team claiming a victory (although that reason is pretty great, too!). Some applied the "Boston Strong" mantra — which emerged earlier this year in support of the Boston Marathon victims — to this very event. Following the Red Sox win, many convened at the Boston Marathon finish line in celebration of the Red Sox victory. Shoutout to the awesome beards the team sported during the win, too!


We celebrated Halloween this week, which means lots of funny, creative costumes. In a surprise to no one, lots of people decided to go as Miley Cyrus (or, if you're Jenny McCarthy, Miley Cyrus's tongue). Aside from delicious candy, admiring costumes is easily one of my favorite parts of Halloween, especially if they're on adorable, pudgy babies or the cutest, furriest little animals. So basically, this is an excuse to post the video at left of a Milo the Maltese in tons of costumes because ohmygoshsocute!

National Cat Day

I am personally more of a dog person than a cat person, but all things cute and fuzzy are okay in my book. On this year's National Cat Day (which was Oct. 29), the "I Can Has Uberkittens" campaign, which is not nearly as obnoxious as it sounds, I assure you, combined cupcakes and kittens! Basically, individuals who downloaded the Uber app could make a special request for "KITTENS!" at any given time of the day. Fifteen minutes later, some furry friends and a plate of cupcakes would show up at your door! Best idea ever? I couldn't find a video of a cat enjoying a cupcake, but do enjoy the video of a cat eating a watermelon, because why not?

What were you talking about this week?