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Sesame Street Meets Les Mis

I'm not sure where this video came from, since it seems to be uploaded magically by a random person on YouTube, but "Sesame Street"'s take on Les Miserables is pretty cute. Their version, Les Mousserables, is about "a French guy who is very sad because he had no cookies." Man, "Sesame Street" really gets us. Thankfully, (spoiler alert) the French guy gets some cookies! But then this lady is sad that she doesn't have cookies for her kid and, well, I won't tell you the whole thing. But what a great story! I can't wait until it opens on Broadway.

Marvel's Announcements

This week, Marvel announced they would be teaming up with Netflix to release four TV series leading up to a miniseries. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones will all be getting their own live-action television shows. The deal will culminate with the four teaming up for a miniseries called "The Defenders." They also revealed that Ms. Marvel will be returning to the Marvel universe as a young Muslim-American, which is pretty awesome. Lastly, "Thor 2: The Dark World" is out now in movie theaters, so go see it, because superheroes are fun.

Kerry Washington on SNL

If you're a "Scandal" fan (like me), then you were probably pretty excited to learn she hosted SNL last weekend. The show was solid, including a spoof of "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)" (video has some not-safe-for-work language). Most notable was SNL's acknowledgement that the show tends to be less-than-stellar in terms of its representation of people of color (specifically black women). So they poked fun at themselves with the opening skit where Kerry Washington played Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Beyonce. Kerry Washington is the best, guys.

What were you talking about this week?

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