5 Awesome Mustachioed Characters in Honor of Movember

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November has come to be known as Movember, a month-long event where men across the world grow mustaches in an effort to raise money (and awareness) for men's health issues. It's a fun, creative way to deal with something serious. So in honor of that noble cause, let's celebrate 5 awesome fictional characters who are mustachioed inspirations for Movember.

#1 Ron Swanson

As a huge "Parks and Rec" fan, Ron Swanson's mustache is essentially unrivaled. There are only a few things you need to know about the character and his mustache is one of them. It's so distinctive Nick Offerman, who plays Ron, is frequently asked about the mustache, which is 100% real. In an interview with TV.com, Offerman said, "When Mike Schur [producer/writer for "Parks and Rec"] and I sat down to sort of sculpt what Ron Swanson was going to be like, one of the first things we decided was that he would have a super kick-ass Midwestern mustache."

#2 Ron Burgundy

While Paul Rudd's character Brian Fantana has a pretty great mustache, it's Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy who sports the film's best mustache. Ron Burgundy, like Ron Swanson, thrives on being a "manly man" and his mustache certainly helps.

#3 Thomas Magnum

If this were a post about the greatest people with mustaches, surely Tom Selleck would be at the top of that list, so it makes sense that his character, Thomas Magnum of "Magnum, P.I." makes this list. Given that the show aired in its entirety before I was born, I can't speak for the show itself. But I do know about that mustache and you do, too.

#4 Ned Flanders

The mustache, together with his thick glasses, green sweater, and knack for driving his neighbors crazy make Ned Flanders iconic. While the first three on this list have mustaches that coincide with masculinity, the Ned Flanders 'stache is probably meant to be more creepy than anything else. (Sorry, Ned Flanders.)

#5 Mario (and Luigi)

The fictional brothers would definitely win the award for best mustaches by a duo. Mario and Luigi have rocked their mustaches since their first video game appearances: Mario in "Donkey Kong" in 1981 and Luigi in "Mario Bros." in 1983.

Photo credit to Flickr user ginnerobot.

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