The Data Doesn't Lie: Miley Cyrus is Still a Hot Ticket

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Miley Cyrus

For all of the controversy that Miley Cyrus has generated in the past few months, it seems like her upcoming Bangerz Tour is destined to be a bust, right? That, at least, is the impression one might get from the media and disgusted-sounding Facebook and Twitter comments after the overtly sexual performance with Robin Thicke and the "Wrecking Ball" music video. Is Miley's brand of edgy too edgy for fans, or more likely, their ticket buying parents?

Apparently not, because those fans and/or their parents are snapping up tickets for the tour in a big way.

This weekend at, Cyrus' shows were the second biggest ticket seller, beaten out only by Trans-Siberian Orchestra*. Digging deeper, the Bangerz Tour made up 15% of all concerts tickets sold at during the weekend. The top concert event, again TSO, made up 19%. On the other side, tickets for the next biggest concert performer after Cyrus, Cher, made up just 4%.

Top 5 Concert Ticket Sellers
(Nov. 16 & 17)

  1. TSO
  2. Miley Cyrus
  3. Cher
  4. The Eagles
  5. Justin Timberlake

Of course, this weekend featured the initial onsales for the Bangerz tour, so most top artists can be expected to do well, but if anyone expected Cyrus' antics to make her less of a draw, then they should dissuade themselves of that quickly. Despite all the supposed negative PR and brand damage, Cyrus is doing reasonably well for herself.

Why is she succeeding, even though most people seem to disapprove of her antics? One can only speculate, so I'll do so. I think there are three major reasons, in no particular order:

  • Some people still think the Hannah Montana days are around.
  • A lot people like a spectacle.
  • Some people approve of the new look Cyrus.

I think the first point is the most unlikely. After all the news about her lately, I can't think there are many people who haven't heard of what she's been up to lately, but I suppose it's possible that some are in the dark. The next two are more likely. Deny it as they might, people really do seem to enjoy a spectacle. Just look at the Charlie Sheen controversy from a couple years ago. Also, similar controversy followed the emergence of Britney Spears from her own former Disney-like persona, although the concerns expressed did turn out to prove prophetic later on. Finally, some people just might like the new Cyrus, if that's their thing.

That said, none of this tells what kind of reception the tour will actually have. I think there's a good chance Cyrus pulls off something entertaining, but it could also receive negative or ho-hum reviews and be received poorly. Whatever the case, Cyrus' actions in the past several months or so have had one message: "Hannah Montana is gone forever and this is what I'm doing now." If early ticket sales for the Bangerz Tour are any indication, fans are responding to that message with enthusiasm, at least for now.

*Sales data is based on tickets sold at from November 16 to 17.