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The Biebs is Retiring

Could it be? Is Justin Bieber quitting music for good? ... No, no he's not. But that didn't stop him from joking around during an interview with Power 106 FM in Los Angeles. When asked his plans for his next album, he said he would be "retiring" from music. Naturally, this news upset a lot of Beliebers. How could the Biebs just up and leave? However, his manager cleared the air by saying Bieber was "just kidding." Even in the full version of the interview, Bieber himself says he's joking, but hasty conclusions are more fun.

Paul Rudd is Ant-Man

Are you sick of superhero movies yet? Hopefully not, because this trend is far from over. It was recently confirmed that Paul Rudd will be starring in the film"Ant-Man," which will premiere in 2015. It's another Marvel movie, so expect something playful, with lots of action, a la "Iron-Man" or "Thor." Before this Marvel film hits theaters, there will be sequels to "Captain America" and "The Avengers," while the D.C. universe will give us "Batman vs. Superman." Can I just get a movie about some kind of lady superhero already?!

How to Train Your Dragon 2

When "How to Train Your Dragon" came out in 2010, its success was a little unexpected. It did well commercially as well as critically and even earned a few awards that year. As with all good movies, there was immediate news that a second and third would be developed. The trailer for "How to Train Your Dragon 2" was released yesterday and it features a major plot twist... which I won't spoil. If you liked the first film, you'll probably like this trailer. It seems like the film will be pretty cute.

What were you talking about this week?

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