4 Easy, Quick Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

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4 Easy Quick Last-Minute Christmas Gifts image

Did you begin this holiday season with the resolution that you'd get your shopping done early this year, but then blink and realize it was two days before Christmas? It happens. Unfortunately, by this time of the year, many store shelves have been cleared of all the "good" items and, quite frankly, there just isn't anymore time to wait in lines or order online.

Thankfully, there are a few last-minute gifts you can pick up — for only a few minutes of your time.

#1 - Gift cards

Who doesn't love receiving a gift card? As the gift giver, it may feel like a slightly impersonal gift, but I've yet to come across a person who didn't love essentially being handed money. If you know where someone likes the shop, all the better; if not, a generic "cash" gift card will allow your loved one to shop wherever his or her heart desires. You can even gift a TicketNetwork.com Gift Card.These days, you don't even have to go from store to store to pick up the gift cards. Just pop into your local pharmacy or grocery store and find an entire wall of gift cards to choose from.

#2 - Movie/TV-streaming service

It's fun to unwind by watching TV shows or movies, especially in the cold winter months. A subscription to a service like Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime will give your loved one access to a significant number of movies, documentaries, TV shows, and more. (Amazon Prime, for example, also comes with free two-day shipping on all Prime purchases. Nice!) Even if someone already has this service, a paid extension would likely be more than welcome.

#3 - Tickets to an event

Sure, we're a little biased, but tickets to an event really are a great last-minute gift. Get your family or friends tickets to their favorite performer (Beyonce? T-Swift?), to see their favorite sports team (Red Sox or Yankees, maybe?), or to attend a show live (Disney's Aladdin is a fan favorite!). You look like a hero because you bought a fantastic gift, we give you an awesome Gift Note letting your loved one know how awesome you are, and they have something to open on Christmas. It's a win for everyone! We have a selection of gift ideas in sports, concerts, and theater or you can go ahead and purchase tickets to whichever live event you want.

#4 - A nice bottle of wine

If all else fails, pick up a nice bottle of wine, stick a bow on it, and call it a day.

Do you have any go-to last-minute gift suggestions?