Justin Bieber Calls It Quits? Yeah Right

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So it looks like Justin Bieber wasn't just kidding when he supposedly joked around in an interview last week about retiring. It's actually happened, according to a Tweet that Biebs sent out on Christmas Eve:

However, as I've stated on this blog before, there's not really such a thing as retirement from the music industry (right, Cher?). Whether they get bored or into financial difficulties, artists usually seem to come back in some way or another before long. So, too, will it be the case with Bieber.

In fact, later tweets seem to be in contradiction to the retirement announcement:

Adding on to the reversal is this article from Hollywood Life, with a quote from an insider (albeit unsourced) that this was all a promotional stunt:

HollywoodLife.com can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that fans have nothing to worry about. “It is all for show,” a source in Justin’s camp tells us. “He is going to take some time off, but retiring is an impossibility.”

Oh, and he had a movie that opened yesterday and an album that was released on Monday? Yeah, it's a stunt.

That said, it might be very good for him to take some time off. Not that his recent bad boy reputation has lowered his star too much; the arrival of One Direction probably did a lot worse. It's also not that he's doing particularly bad in recording or touring efforts (last year's Believe was a pretty big hit and he was one of the top 25 tours of the year).

Instead, spacing out tours after an artist is well established can itself be used as a promotional stunt. It helps prevent overexposure and creates a sense of anticipation. If an artist hasn't been around for a while, a new tour announcement can generate excitement for their return. Just look at what happened last year when the Rolling Stones announced their year end 50th anniversary concerts — it was huge news. I think this kind of strategy will help Bieber if he doesn't tour next year and comes back in 2015 to much excitement.

So don't be fooled! Justin Bieber will be back in no time.