10 Most Popular Blog Posts from 2013

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Although I've already hand-picked some of what I felt were our strongest posts from 2013, the numbers don't lie: you guys really dug our boy bands posts last year. Of our 10 most popular blog posts, three of them were about boy bands. Other things you enjoy: soccer, television, and Australia. Strange lot, aren't ya?

Without further ado, TN Team Blog's 10 most visited blog posts of 2013 are...

#10: 10 Theater Superstitions, Legends, And Curses

Following research into the curses surrounding Macbeth, this post delves into 10 very real, sometimes funny superstitions that exist in the theater world.

#9: Most Overrated Sitcoms Of The Last 25 Years

You know that one show everyone seems to love but you can't stand? This is a pretty awesome list that those sitcoms right up for you.

#8: In Honor Of Australia Day, Three Things Australia Has Given To U.S. Culture

We love Australia! Head down under and learn about some of the fantastic things the nation has given to the U.S. Crikey! Just kidding, I should never try to imitate someone from Australia. Sorry.

#7: Review: Backstreet's Back With In A World Like This Tour Featuring DJ Pauly D and Jesse McCartney

In August, I went to go see the Backstreet Boys — and meet them! It was a pretty surreal experience for me and the show was just as fun. Here's a review, in case a BSB show is something on your horizon.

#6: Top Five Boy Bands Of The '90s

Do you love boy bands? Oh my gosh, me too. That's what inspired this post about my favorite boy bands from the '90s. Which, in turn, inspired our next two posts on the list.

#5: Top Five Girl Bands Of The '90s

We can't forget about our girl bands! As much as I love Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync (seriously, what is the proper way to stylize that name?!), I have so much love for groups like the Spice Girls. You should, too.

#4: Five '90s Boy Bands We Probably Forgot About

Nostalgia makes us do funny things, eh? Like write an entire post based only on obscure knowledge of '90s boy bands long forgotten...

#3: Guest Post: Five Most Popular Soccer Teams And Why People Love Them

Soccer may not be the most popular sport in 'Murrica, but across the world, you'd be hard-pressed to find any sport more universally loved.

#2: Renewed, Canceled, Or New? Guide To 2013-2014 TV Schedule

You guys like television as much as I do, which is pretty cool. Bonus: this post is still relevant because it takes a peek into shows premiering in 2014.

#1: Top 10 Highest-Paid Athletes In Professional Sports

Doesn't it drive you insane to think that a professional sports player makes more by playing one game than you make in an entire year? Feel free to infuriate yourself even more by checking out these 10 highest-paid athletes.