2014 Broadway Shows Include Aladdin, Rocky, Les Miserables

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While the start of each year tends to inspire a lull on Broadway, there are lots of shows to look forward to in 2014. Shows about the French revolution; shows about German rockstars; shows about poor-beggars-turned-princes; and shows about... Rocky Balboa? Here are a few Broadway productions to look forward to this year.


Type of Show: Musical

Previews: February 11, 2014

Opening Date: March 13, 2014

Synopsis: A debt collector turned club fighter gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he's offered a chance at the world heavyweight championship.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: Curiosity's sake will probably drive a few to check out Rocky. Rocky Balboa is a character you can root for and it'll be weirdly interesting to see how they managed to turn the film into a musical. Plus, Sylvester Stallone — the writer, director, and star behind the original "Rocky" film — is involved in the project. It may sound bizarre in theory, but the musical could work.


Type of Show: Musical

Previews: February 26, 2014

Opening Date: March 20, 2014

Synopsis: A young beggar's life is changed forever when he stumbles upon a magic lamp and is granted three wishes.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: Flying carpets. A transforming genie. Tiny talking animals in the form of chimps and parrots. A pet tiger. Um, yeah, I'd say everyone should care about Aladdin because Disney will not phone this in. It will be whimsical, creative, light-hearted, and fun.

Les Misérables

Type of Show: Musical

Previews: March 1, 2014

Opening Date: March 23, 2014

Synopsis: Set in 19th-century France, a peasant is on the run after he breaks his parole. Meanwhile, a revolution is emerging.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: If you're not already all Les Mis'd out, this production honors the theater show's 25th anniversary. This means that the scenes, narration, and orchestrations will all be updated prior to its March 23 debut.


Type of Show: Musical

Previews: March 21, 2014

Opening Date: April 24, 2014

Synopsis: It's 1931 Berlin as the Nazis rise to power. At the Kit Kat Klub, a young woman begins a relationship with a young American writer, while a doomed romance arises elsewhere between a German boarding house owner and a Jewish fruit vendor.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: The play is performed at the legendary Studio 54. Plus, Alan Cumming (award-winning theater and film actor, who spearheaded a one-man Macbeth production in 2013 on Broadway) and Michelle Williams (from films like "Brokeback Mountain," "Blue Valentine," and "My Week With Marilyn") star.

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Type of Show: Musical

Previews: November 21, 2013

Opening Date: January 12, 2014

Synopsis: Jessie Mueller stars as Carole King in this musical about the legendary singer's life as she goes from songwriter to a music sensation in her own right.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: If you like Carole King's music, you'll probably be a big fan of this production, which had significant success in its original run in San Francisco.

Bronx Bombers

Type of Show: Play

Previews: January 10, 2014

Opening Date: February 6, 2014

Synopsis: Follow New York Yankee Yogi Berra and his wife, Carmen, as they narrate through some of the New York Yankees biggest triumphs.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: Die-hard Yankee fans might enjoy a chance to see some of the team's biggest moments play out onstage. Maybe?

Of Mice and Men

Type of Show: Play

Previews: March 22, 2014

Opening Date: April 17, 2014

Synopsis: Two migrant workers, George and Lennie, living in California during the Great Depression hope to one day acquire a piece of land. But when Lennie stirs up trouble on the job, George has to decide between protecting Lennie or chasing his American dream.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: For what could otherwise be a fairly dry play, it's a star-studded production, headlined by James Franco, Chris O'Dowd, and Leighton Meester.

All the Way

Type of Show: Play

Previews: February 10, 2014

Opening Date: March 6, 2014

Synopsis: The 1963 assassination of JFK leaves Lyndon B. Johnson as the next president of the United States. Civil Rights, social programs, and Vietnam make his first-year as president a tumultuous one.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: Bryan Cranston.


Type of Show: Play

Previews: March 4, 2014

Opening Date: March 27, 2014

Synopsis: At nearly 40, Elizabeth heads for New York City for a fresh start and gets more than she ever dreamed of.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: Theater lovers might be interested because this play is new; non-theater buffs might be interested because it stars the original Wicked Witch/Elphaba from Wicked (also known as Idina Menzel).

A Raisin in the Sun

Type of Show: Play

Previews: March 8, 2014

Opening Date: April 3, 2014

Synopsis: based on the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s, the Younger family is preparing to receive a $10,000 insurance check. When each of the three adults in the Younger family have different ideas of how that money should be spent, they must face the reality that not all of their dreams can come true.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: Remember when Diddy starred in the revival of The Raisin in the Sun on Broadwway in 2004? This time around, that role goes to Denzel Washington, which somehow matters more.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Type of Show: Musical

Previews: March 29, 2014

Opening Date: April 22, 2014

Synopsis: A transgender rocker from East Berlin tours the U.S. with her rock band, while dealing with a broken relationship and the effects of her life back home in Germany.

Why Non-Theater Lovers Should Care: It's Neil Patrick Harris! As an awesome German rocker! And this is the poster!

Which Broadway show are you looking forward to in 2014?