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What People Are Talking About

Justin Bieber

We'd be remiss if we didn't talk about Justin Bieber this week, given that it's essentially all anyone is discussing. Early yesterday Justin Bieber got into a bit of trouble with the law for a handful of things. More surprising than that was the reaction to it. His arrest immediately caused somewhat of a media frenzy as people rushed to break whatever news they could, from how much bail was to photos of the car he'd been driving the night before. Then his mugshot was released, and it got really weird. Don't worry, Biebs, the Beliebers have got your back. See video above to remember simpler times.

Richard Sherman

Regardless of whether you follow football, you probably know about Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman's recent post-game interview. Immediately following the Seahawks' win against the 49ers at the NFC championship game on Sunday, reporter Erin Andrews asked Sherman to take her through the final play. Sherman gave a pretty impassioned response, calling 49ers player Michael Crabtree a "sorry receiver." Some thought his answer was distasteful and some argued it was to be expected given that he'd made a play that qualified his team to head to the biggest game in football). Check out the video to judge for yourself.

Bill Cosby on TV Again

It's been confirmed that comedian Bill Cosby will be returning to NBC with a new sitcom in which he'll play "the patriarch of a multigenerational family." Cosby, who's now 76, is best known for his roles on "The Cosby Show," "I Spy," "Kids Say the Darndest Things," and — let's be real — Jell-O commercials. Few other details have emerged, but that doesn't stop us from wondering. Will the show be a success? Will Cosby's character be anything like Mr. Huxtable? Will he be able to achieve the same magic as "The Cosby Show"? Most importantly, will Bill Cosby wear delightful sweaters in this new show?

What were you talking about this week?