Super Bowl Commercials Recap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Yes, the Seattle Seahawks were crowned champions last night thanks to blow-out win against the Denver Broncos; but for all intents and purposes, the game was over well before the clock ran out. Due the fact the game lacked excitement for most people outside the pacific northwest, many turned their attention the next most interesting part of last night: the commercials. The average price that advertisers shelled out for a 30-second spot this year was a record-high $4 million dollars. Some of those advertisers got their money's worth, while others should have used the money on something else (a new ad agency maybe?).

After re-watching many of the commercials from last night's game, here is my list of the best and worst commercials:

Best Commercials of the Night

Budweiser "Puppy Love"/"A Hero's Welcome"

Budweiser was the biggest winner not named the Seahawks from last night. Their two commercials, entitled "Puppy Love" and "A Hero's Welcome," were the two most memorable and perhaps the most anticipated ads of entire night. Budweiser released the "Puppy Love" commercial online last week to almost unanimous positive reviews (unless you are a heartless robot who lacks emotion). Nearly everyone had either already seen the ad or had heard about it, yet the commercial still won the night. "A Hero's Welcome" (seen here) followed Lt. Chuck Nadd as he returned home from Army, and was given a ticker-tape parade complete with the famous Clydesdale horses. Moral of the story, to sell more beer, feature crying and puppies; works every time.

Doritos "Cowboy Kid"

In the past few years, Doritos has begun to separate themselves from the pack by having some of the funniest and most unique commercials, and this year was not any different. This commercial was their second of two on the night (the first one was good too, check it out here) and featured a young boy... ahem, I mean cowboy... and his trusty steed, a gigantic bullmastiff. Personally, my favorite part is at the end when the mom is cheering on her younger son hog-tying her older son.

Seinfeld Reunion

The internet nearly blew up a few weeks ago when a picture of Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander, looking very George Costanza-like, walked towards Tom's Restaurant in New York. Rumors started to swirl about a possible "Seinfeld" reunion and what it was going to look like. Well, everyone's questions were answered when Jerry and George appeared in an ad for Jerry's web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." For fans of the show, the ad was a home run... or should I say, it was real and it was spectacular.

Worst Commercials of the Night

Hyundai "Nice"

I have made no secret that I do not like the show "The Big Bang Theory" and its unfunny characters. The Hyundai commercial from last night featuring Johnny Galicki of the show just hammered that point home. Every joke fell completely flat and even in just a 30 second commercial, you felt completely uncomfortable watching it because of how unfunny it truly was.


Another awkward commercial to watch was this Butterfinger commercial about peanut butter and chocolate in couples counseling. It appears as though the therapist is recommending they become swingers with the Butterfinger guy and things just go downhill from there. For what it is worth, every time I have anything with peanut butter and chocolate, it seems to be a marriage made in heaven and adding Butterfinger pieces would probably make it worse.

Go Daddy "It's Go Time"

The concept behind this commercial is actually a good one and when I originally heard about it, I was looking forward to seeing it. But when I did, it just did not live up to the hype. How much money did Go Daddy spend getting Danica Patrick in that muscle suit? I mean, did she add anything to this commercial?