The Tale of Pierre the Pelican, Told in Tweets

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In October 2013, the New Orleans Pelicans realized they had a problem.

Their mascot was terrifying.

The more appearances Pierre made, the worse the reactions became.

Poor Pierre suffered for months. He became insecure. He began to wonder: was he really the worst mascot in the NBA? Well... the evidence sure seemed to be against him. So distraught by these feelings, it was no wonder he couldn't focus during a pickup game of basketball with fellow NBA mascots.

Pierre suffered a broken beak and had to undergo reconstructive surgery at Oschner Medical Center.

Thankfully, the surgery was a riveting success. But as Pierre recovered from his surgery, everyone wondered: would Pierre ever look the same again?

The truth was Pierre looked different. But a better kind of a different. Pierre was a new pelican!

A happier pelican. Free.

Welcome back, Pierre. We love the new look.

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