Jimmy Kimmel Creates Another Viral Video with #SochiFail

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You may a few months back when a video of a twerking girl who caught on fire made the rounds on the internet. Then we learned that Jimmy Kimmel was actually the mastermind behind the video. It was an interesting experiment in how things go viral. Kimmel and his team simply recorded the video and uploaded it to YouTube and let the internet run wild.

Within a week, the video had amassed more than 9 million views and was featured on news programs across the U.S. including "The View" and "The Today Show." Now, the original sits at 15 million views, with their confession that it was all a joke racking up 18 million views.

Kimmel managed to create another viral video this week — this time, in relation to the Sochi Olympics. Those who have been following the Olympics know that there have been plenty of documented "fails" related to the Olympics. Namely, journalists have complained about the accommodations available in Sochi, even inspiring a twitter account called @SochiFails documenting every way these winter Olympics allegedly "fail."

The latest #SochiFail came from a tweet by luger Kate Hansen.

Following the athlete's tweet, news outlets immediately began to report the story as true. But Kimmel debunked the video when he revealed on his show last night that it was actually his team behind the tweet AND video.

To make it happen, Hansen provided Kimmel's team with a photo of the Olympian dorms; Kimmel's team then spent the next 15 hours creating an exact replica of the dorm so they could shoot the video. And then came Rugby, the adorable wolf they hired to be part of the video. Although the video actually caused a bit of trouble in Sochi (the security team at the Olympians' dorm were scrambling to figure out how a breach of that level had happened), Hansen said that it was all worth it for a good joke.

So what did you think of Kimmel's work? Was it as good as his "twerking fail" video?