New Orleans Unveils Super Creepy King Cake Baby Mascot

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New Orleans Pelicans — didn't we just go through this creepy mascot thing, like, two weeks ago with Pierre the Pelican? If you're not familiar with the story of Pierre, click here to the full rundown. Basically, the New Orleans Pelicans unveiled a new team mascot back in October, but it was so terrifying that just a few short months later, it needed a facelift.

And, apparently, the team has learned absolutely nothing from that fiasco. They unveiled King Cake Baby as the face of Mardi Gras (which starts March 3) — a giant step backwards in the realm of "not creepy mascots."

The idea behind King Cake Baby is fine, since King Cake is a type of cake associated with Mardi Gras. The baker of the King Cake hides a plastic baby inside of the food and whoever finds it in their slice "either receives good luck, gets pregnant or has to bake next year's cake," according to But its relevance to Mardi Gras does little to quell the fact that King Cake Baby is horrifying.

Part of me believes the New Orleans Pelicans knew exactly what they were doing when they gave the world King Cake Baby, and the other part of me just wants to forget I've ever seen the mascot nightmares are made of.

What do you think of King Cake Baby?

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