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Hoverboard: The Future Is Now... Maybe?

Earlier this week, a video simply entitled "Belief" surfaced from a company called HUVrTech. It starred pro skater Tony Hawk and actor Christopher Lloyd, who played Dr. Emmett Brown in "Back to the Future," a film that helped make the concept of hoverboards popular. In the video, Lloyd says that technology for hoverboards is real — AND HERE. Other celebrities made appearances as well, giving their testimonials about how amazing the hoverboards were. Spoiler alert: this is just a joke video made by Funny or Die, guys. Maybe someday!

Selfies: The Song and the Ellen Saga

Ellen DeGeneres kicked off the selfie phenomenon this week when she tweeted The Selfie Seen 'Round the World. Featuring Ellen, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Jared Leto, Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong'o, Angelina Jolie, Peter Nyong'o (Lupita's brother), and Bradley Cooper, this has become the biggest tweet of all time. It was retweeted 3.3 million times (as of today) and briefly broke Twitter Sunday evening. On top of that, a new(ish) song called "#SELFIE" hit 5 million views this week... and I can't quite explain it, so you'll just have to watch the video for yourself. In short: selfies are having a great week.

Mardi Gras-Inspired Wobble

Mardi Gras was this week, and there were celebrations taking place across the world. At one Mardi Gras celebration in Galveston., a police officer (described in the video as an "old cop") decided to join in on the festivities and do the wobble! And he's... really good? The Wobble Dance is based off rapper V.I.C.'s song "Wobble" and if V.I.C. ever decides to do a remix of some sort, he should totally get this guy to star in the video.

What were you talking about this week?