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Justin Bieber's Deposition

Earlier this week, a video of Justin Bieber's recent deposition surfaced. And yes: Justin Bieber acts exactly the way you'd expect him to act. But let's put that aside and instead just enjoy this video for what it is: hilarious. Justin Bieber is 100% trolling in this video and he gets the lawyer who's dealing with him so, so, so mad, and it's pretty funny (if you're not too busy being infuriated by his attitude and smugness — a logical feeling). Some of my favorite moments: the quiet "I object"; when he calls the lawyer interviewing him "Katie Couric"; when he winks directly at the camera; and when he says he was "detrimental" (instead of "instrumental") to his career.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and "Cosmos"

As a nice palette cleanser from the Biebs, let's discuss astrophysicist, author, and overall science advocate Neil deGrasse Tyson. He is host of the 13-episode science series, "Cosmos," which debuted on Sunday. The show — a reboot of the original from the 1980s, hosted by astronomer Carl Sagan — was simulcast on 10 U.S. networks, and is set to air weekly (on Fox and National Geographic) in more than 180 countries. That's pretty big. Personally, I am really excited that Neil deGrasse Tyson is gaining traction and becoming a larger figure in the public eye. He helps make science interesting and relatable, much in the same way Bill Nye used to. (Shoutout to Bill Nye the Science Guy, who Neil deGrasse Tyson got got a selfie with recently. Oh, yeah, the POTUS is in it, too. No big deal.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Would you like to ride in an M47 Patton tank and work out and smoke cigars... with Arnold Schwarzenegger? This is a thing one winner and a friend can do with Schwarzenegger, if they enter and win his contest. They'll also get to CRUSH something while in that tank, which is the inspiration behind the promotional video above. It's play on the viral marketing series "Will It Blend?", where Total Blender literally blended weird things, like iPhones — only Schwarzenegger's video includes a tank. That he owns. Crushing everything from bubble wrap to cars. Because he can.

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