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We don't always do Beyonce-only news, but this week, I thought: why not? Mostly, I found three Beyonce-related things I wanted to post about on the blog and I couldn't do it without at least acknowledging that yes, I know it's overkill. So a Beyonce post works, guys. Here's what's going on with Mrs. Knowles-Carter this week:

Swing Version of "Drunk In Love"

People do covers of Beyonce's songs all the time — some are great, some are good, some are okay, some are terrible. This one is pretty great. It's fun and re-imagines the song in a whole new way, big-band style!


Speaking of "Drunk In Love," what happens when a stylishly dressed dude walks around New York City wearing earbuds starts quoting lyrics to innocent passerbyers? A silly video, of course. My favorite is the man at 1:35 who listens intently. What a nice guy.

The Mrs. Carter World Tour Ends

At long last, we bid the Mrs. Carter World Tour adieu. For much of this tour, Beyonce had been performing songs from her album "4," as well as her hits. The tour was revamped when she went overseas and performed her new material from her self-titled album. Now, the tour comes to a close, but I like to think it's only because she's going to release a whole new tour where she performs her new album in its entirety. A girl can dream, right?